The global growth in renewable energy requires storage solutions in order to be able to function and grow

  • In UK, between 2022 and 2060, polluting sources are expected to shrink by 15% while there is an expected growth of 300% in renewable energy sources and also flexible energy sources (consisting primarily of storage)

  • The UK battery storage market currently stands at just 2 GW and is expected to reach 10 GW by 2030

  • Europe will need a total of 187 GW of energy storage by 2030 and 600 GW by 2050 to meet its renewable energy targets, this is compared to the current level of 60 GW

Econergy Enters the Storage Market in the UK as a Dominant Player

  • Econergy has an existing storage project Pipeline under development in the UK of  1,369 MWh*
  • Econergy is developing storage projects in two configurations:
    • As Co-Location projects together with the PV and wind projects the Company is developing – creating substantial synergy both at the connection point to the grid and in significant savings in shared costs
    • As stand-alone grid-support storage projects
  • Managing team: A robust, experienced local development team with proven experience in the energy sector and it has access to high-quality connection points to the grid.
Storage projects in the UK (MWh) Stand-alone storage projects Co-located projects Total
Under Construction 102 102
PRE construction 163 61 224
Under License 651 239 890
Early development 153 153
Total storage UK 1,069 300 1,369

* Forward-looking information, does not include storage projects in Early development status with a capacity of 5,705MWh when their expected connection year is from 2028 onwards