The global growth in renewable energy requires storage solutions in order to be able to function and grow

  • In UK, between 2022 and 2050, polluting sources are expected to shrink by 56% while there is an expected growth of 250% in renewable energy sources and 550% growth in the flexible energy sources (consisting primarily of storage)

  • The UK battery storage market currently stands at just 2 gigawatts and is expected to double and reach 5 GW by 2030

Econergy Enters the Storage Market in the UK as a Dominant Player

  • Econergy has an existing storage project Pipeline under development in the UK of approx. 1,319 MW
  • Econergy is developing storage projects in two configurations:
    • As Co-Location projects together with the PV and wind projects the Company is developing – creating substantial synergy both at the connection point to the grid and in significant savings in shared costs
    • As stand-alone grid-support storage projects
  • Managing team: A robust, experienced local development team with proven experience in the energy sector and it has access to high-quality connection points to the grid.
Storage projects in the UK (MW) Stand-alone storage projects Co-located projects Total
PRE construction 130 137 267
Under License 265 289 554
Early development 249 249 498
Total storage UK 644 675 1,319

* Forward-looking information