Renewable energy will power a sustainable future

when global demand is supplied 24/7 by innovation-driven, highly efficient and affordable natural sources

Our approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is fundamental to our mission to own and operate large scale renewable energy projects for mass-market power driven by deep industry, regulatory and technology expertise at every critical stage from origination to supply.

Econergy is committed to the following ESG principles:

  • Renewable energy:

    As part of Econergy’s mission to prevent undesirable environmental impact, we seek to maximize the production of renewable energy and minimize internal energy usage.

  • Human resources:

    Econergy values our people and partners. It is a conscientious goal to minimize talent turnover as we invest in binding relationships between the company and staff. We consider this as crucial for the success of our business.

  • Governance:

    Econergy fosters a trust culture and places compliance with internal rules and external legislation as a primary concern for the business.

  • Waste management:

    Econergy has extensive experience managing renewable companies and places close attention to correct disposal of waste and atmospheric emissions management.

  • Supply chain and contractor management:

    We include ESG policies in all our dedicated supply chain management plans, including supplier and contractor codes of conduct.

  • Labour and working conditions:

    We develop and enforce procurement policies regarding child labor and modern slavery for employees, contractors and suppliers.

  • Health and safety:

    Our team prioritizes responsible health and safety on all our sites for all our employees and business partners to enjoy a safe working environment.

  • Develop community investment and partnerships:

    Econergy engages with local teams and suppliers to increase local community involvement and participation in creating our vision. Econergy invests in the nearby areas of the plants to benefit the local community.

Utility-Scale Power with Local Impact

  • 0 MWH/y
    Energy Produced

    Enough to power 120,756 houses or 20% of Milan’s housing

  • 0 tC02e
    emissions Avoided

    That’s like removing 101,906 cars from the road for a year!