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Our Vision

Renewable energy will be the source of power for future generations.

Our Mission

To develop, own and operate utility-scale renewable energy projects, driven by deep industry, regulatory and technology expertise at every critical stage from origination to supply.

From the smallest details, to the biggest projects

expertise at every critical stage to success

  • At the start of our Green Energy Plants’ lifecycle, our teams across regions locate and identify new project opportunities, cooperating with our development partners, land owners, innovation partners and other stakeholders. This critical early stage requires agility and swift progress as we diligently establish the feasibility and viability of opportunities whilst applying forward thinking in technology and solutions. Leveraging our team’s technical and regulatory expertise with strong local networks and reputation in each market, we secure optimal value from local factors such as location, land, grid and regulations.

  • We actively lead our development and planning processes, including design and technical implementation, in order to develop future-proof Green Energy Plants that benefit both the local and wider communities, and ultimately the future of our clean energy supply. Our experienced local in-house development experts, with their deep insights in all relevant and regional regulatory aspects, work with and draw upon the additional experience of reputable partners and advisors from economical, regulatory, environmental or ecological expertise, during this dynamic development stage. Our internal risk management, deep knowledge and experience with authorization procedures and advanced project design capabilities brings projects to RTB (ready-to-build) status with rapid efficacy and responsibility.

  • Lead by our procurement and construction management team, we utilize world-class subcontractors, providing managed construction, EPC and ICP services, as well as a team of highly experienced project managers and health & safety experts who oversee and secure the efficient delivery of all project targets. We integrate world-class assets and technologies to maximize the value of all our project assets while minimizing the impact on the wider environment in which we operate. Our tightly managed realization stage ensures that our project partners and stakeholders remain closely involved and their interests are respected.

  • Full-service asset management, real-time control and AI data analysis produces high energy production with maximum environmental impact. After taking our Green Energy Plants into commercial operation, we are responsible for asset management and maintenance in order to ensure reliable operation at optimum performance, continuous availability and secure power generation. We continuously and actively explore green innovations such as agrisolar that drive and nurture biodiversity on our solar farms, in order to provide additional environmental benefits with optimizing power production.

  • PPA management with optimal grid management capabilities supplies utility-scale electricity to the wider network and ultimately to the end consumers. We seek cooperation with industry leading partners and design our plants to be ready for participation in continuously advancing energy-trading mechanisms with new attractive commercial models to increase scale of baseload and on-demand energy supply. This is our long-term contribution to a cleaner, greener world for our generation and many to come.

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Our Story

We built Econergy from the field, with a deep belief that sustainable power is our generation’s best investment – for our planet, and our shareholders. Through renewable energy project after project across Europe, we saw our solar, wind and bio-gas plants yield comparatively high returns in both energy production and profitability. It was clear that our unique in-house expertise across the entire project cycle from uniquely localized origination through development and operation enabled us to produce high quantities of power with technologically optimized quality and cost. Our value in creating renewable energy projects with our tightly integrated, best-of-breed assets, from land to equipment to technology partners, was attractive in the market and rewarded with a solid flow of new projects with successful, highly profitable, acquisitions. We knew that the future of energy was renewables. But now, technology was rapidly maturing and our vision was becoming reality. We saw previous barriers to mass market adoption fade, as technology breakthroughs in component production and operational monitoring revolutionized global energy markets, finally enabling solar and wind alternatives to replace polluting sources and supply the exponentially growing energy demands for decades to come. It was time to claim more of the market that we were pioneering. So we simply extended our investment strategy to maintain ownership of our renewable energy plants and grow as an Independent Power Producer; to reap ongoing returns from our high-performing renewable production sites that we continue to originate, develop and operate through to ongoing utility-scale.

Econergy: We develop, operate and own the renewable energy projects that produce & supply the world’s new power with meaningful impact.

Econergy integrates world-leading technologies to maximize power production and supply while lowering development & operational costs

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    Power on Demand & Peak Shifting

    We aim to employ the latest and most efficient power storage technology in our Green Power Plants, enabling them to provide power not just when we generate the energy, but when it is needed by the grid and consumers.  This increases our ability to replace the traditional, carbon and waste generating power sources to a larger extent than standard wind and solar farms.

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    Optimization & Efficiency

    From the earliest project design stages, we implement sophisticated, large data and AI-driven monitoring, control and optimisation systems for the combined generation and storage functions. This enables our Green Power Plants to provide the highest yields and secure supply response to the continuously changing energy demands in local, national and regional grids. 

  • icon of Design and Value Innovation
    Design and Value Innovation

    Technology innovation is rapidly improving quality, longevity and productivity of the components at the heart of solar, wind and Battery Storage projects. We conduct robust qualification and selection processes during the design and construction phase of our Green Power Plants to ensure that they are built using the most advanced components for the optimum balance between reliability, efficiency and lowest cost of energy production.

The result is affordable, quality, mass-market renewable energy.