Econergy integrates world-leading technologies to maximize power production and supply while lowering development & operational costs

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    Power on Demand & Peak Shifting

    We aim to employ the latest and most efficient power storage technology in our Green Power Plants, enabling them to provide power not just when we generate the energy, but when it is needed by the grid and consumers.  This increases our ability to replace the traditional, carbon and waste generating power sources to a larger extent than standard wind and solar farms.

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    Optimization & Efficiency

    From the earliest project design stages, we implement sophisticated, large data and AI-driven monitoring, control and optimisation systems for the combined generation and storage functions. This enables our Green Power Plants to provide the highest yields and secure supply response to the continuously changing energy demands in local, national and regional grids. 

  • icon of Design and Value Innovation
    Design and Value Innovation

    Technology innovation is rapidly improving quality, longevity and productivity of the components at the heart of solar, wind and biogas projects. We conduct robust qualification and selection processes during the design and construction phase of our Green Power Plants to ensure that they are built using the most advanced components for the optimum balance between reliability, efficiency and lowest cost of energy production.

The result is affordable, quality, mass-market renewable energy.